Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the world cup in cape town

After traveling to Elands Bay and Cederberg, I got back to Cape Town on June 10, the day before the World Cup games began. The city was alive and bustling with the excitement! I was awoken at 7:00 in the morning on Friday, June 11 to the sound of blaring vuvuzelas, which lasted for at least half an hour straight. After I got over my grumpiness at the abrupt awakening, I instantly began getting caught up in the excitement of the World Cup!

Sign of support in Greenmarket Square

South Africa’s team Bafana Bafana (“the guys”) played the opening match against Mexico in Johannesburg, and I went to Long Street to join in the World Cup fever! The streets were PACKED with people covered in Bafana Bafana gear, and the vuvuzelas didn’t stop all day. Crowds gathered anywhere they could find a TV to watch the game. I could never really get close enough to a TV to watch the game, but I was able to monitor the score… and watching the Long Street crowd was plenty of entertainment. Bafana Bafana tied Mexico, which was a huge achievement! When Bafana Bafana scored, people went crazy! An elderly woman nearby got showered as beers were poured off a balcony in celebration. Vuvuzelas, dancing, shouting, and high fives all around.

Walking through Long Street on June 11, 2010

Celebration in the street

I watched the France v. Uruguay game on a big screen on Long Street, and the 0-0 tie made me glad that I ended up with a ticket to the Italy v. Paraguay game on the 14th instead.

We walked by the fan park in Grand Parade, hoping to be able to experience the chaos there, but it was already full, with 35,000 people inside. The park was supposed to hold only 25,000, but they allowed in an extra 10,000 fans! I bought a South Africa shirt, and a Bafana Bafana jersey, and carried a vuvuzela around all day. Saturday also brought the England v. USA game, during which I found myself more patriotic than ever. Another tie game.

One of the entrances to the Grand Parade fan park - Event Full

We ran into Ronel, her sister, and Jade, all in Bafana Bafana gear!

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