Friday, June 25, 2010

knysna and hermanus (june 21-22)

On the way from Plettenberg Bay to the last stop, Hermanus, we stopped at Knysna Elephant Park, where we went on a little tour of the elephant park, and I was able to feed the elephants. The tour was unimpressive, and I learned little about the elephants, but it was still fun to touch, feed, and watch the elephants from so close. I did learn that elephants live for about as long as humans, and the elephants at Knysna responded to their names! When I brought up the bucket of snacks (pineapple chunks, carrots, and spinach), I was bombarded by the elephants, especially the young ones. They poked at me with their trunks, and tried to sneak their trunks into the bucket while I wasn’t looking! Sometimes they wacked each others trunks away from the food with their own trunks. It was funny to see how distinct their personalities are.

We then traveled to Hermanus, about a five hour drive from Plettenberg Bay, and only one hour from Cape Town. Hermanus was probably my favorite of the towns we visited, and I wish that I had spent more time there than just one day! I was able to walk around the town, and enjoy the lovely scenery, as the town is right on the ocean. Hermanus is the land-based whale watching capital of the world... but unfortunately I did not have the privilege of seeing a whale. I embarked on a sea kayaking trip with hopes of spotting a whale, but unforseen circumstances (Jonah getting seasick) led us to turn back early. Regardless, I loved spending time in Hermanus... it is a charming little town

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