Monday, June 28, 2010

hiking table mountain

Today, I completed the one last thing I felt that I just HAD to do before leaving Cape Town - hike Table Mountain. Two University of Maryland graduate students that are staying in the same lodge that I am kindly invited me to join them, so I had company for the hike. We hiked via Skeleton Gorge, which after experiencing it, I am convinced is named for the presence of hidden skeletons of hikers that passed out on their way to the top... It was a TOUGH hike, straight up for what felt like years. It was beautiful though, for the trail runs alongside a waterfall! After reaching the top of Skeleton Gorge, the hike became much more enjoyable, and I was better able to appreciate the scenery. We made our way over to Table Mountain, near the cable car, and then hiked down a more direct trail that was also very steep. My knees are a little achy from that, but I'm sure it's nothing compared to how my quads will be feeling tomorrow...

The highest point on Table Mountain!

Looking out over Cape Town from Table Mountain was a great way to say goodbye to the city I have lived in for nearly half a year. Tomorrow, I will be finishing up my packing and final errands, having lunch at my favorite sushi restaurant in the area, going to see a play at UCT's Baxter Theater with Thandie, and then either going out for one last night on Long Street with the Maryland group... or going to bed early. After that, I will fly out of Cape Town on Wednesday afternoon.

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