Sunday, June 27, 2010

old biscuit mill and the waterfront

Yesterday, I decided to spend the day doing typical touristy activities - I went to the Old Biscuit Mill, went to the V & A Waterfront, and spent money! I was a little heartbroken to take my last trip to the Old Biscuit Mill, but came out of it with some delicious hot sauce and a beautiful book/cookbook that has pictures, stories, and recipes from all over South Africa. After the Old Biscuit Mill, I headed over the the Waterfront, for the first time since January. I went to the aquarium, and then went shopping. I enjoyed the aquarium, but wasn't in a very educational mood, so mostly just looked at all the interesting fish and sea creatures, and skipping over reading the informational signs about them.

From the aquarium, I wandered around the Waterfront, doing a little shopping and taking in the sights. The big surprise of the day occurred when I wandered into the V&A Waterfront Craft Market, only to see none other than Bill Clinton shopping about 5 feet away from me!

I bought a couple more final souvenirs, and then headed back to my lodge. Just a few more days and then I'm homeward bound... Wednesday, June 30 at 3 PM!

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