Tuesday, June 15, 2010

italy v. paraguay

On June 14, I was lucky enough to attend the second Cape Town game of the World Cup, Italy v. Paraguay. It was incredible! Green Point Stadium was packed full of people from all over the world, dressed to support their team of choice, or even dressed for a team that wasn't playing that night (I wore my Bafana Bafana jersey). Budweiser bought out the rights to be the only beer sold within all the World Cup stadiums... I think they paid $2 billion for that privilege. I think the stadiums should have provided South African beverages: Castle, Savannah, Black Label. It would have been a more authentic experience for tourists, more locally produced, and a great industry for the South African beverages. Oh well. I went to the game with my friend Kat, and we managed to mostly avoid the rain that was pelting down on the field. Italy was the defending World Cup champion team, so I was expecting a more uneven game, but the game ended in yet ANOTHER tie game, 1-1. It was amazing to be a part of such a huge international event, and we were able to get to and from the stadium with relative ease riding free shuttles, walking, and then taking a cab home in the rain. All around incredible experience, and something I will probably never get to do again.

Approaching Green Point Stadium

Opening ceremony of the game, as the Paraguay and Italy flags were marched out on the field

Me and Kat at the Italy v. Paraguay World Cup game! Thanks to Kat acquiring the tickets, I was able to attend this game.

Photo of the whole field at the beginning of the game

Action shot during the game - you can also see the rain pouring down on the field. Luckily, our seats were well covered.

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