Friday, April 2, 2010

bonnytoun pictures

Before leaving for Spring Break, I brought my camera to class at Bonnytoun one day. The boys loved it... they instantly started throwing up their gang signs and posing so close to the camera I kept having to tell them to move back. I'm unsure about whether it is okay to publicly display pictures of the boys (because they are juveniles involved in the justice system), which is too bad because I would love to share every picture.

Here are a couple pictures from Bonnytoun:

The courtyard at Bonnytoun, where we play soccer. The buildings in the back right-ish are some of the dorms that the boys live in.

The classroom we teach in (with Mark's computer, which we brought to project a movie from one day).


  1. Lisa: How far is Bonnytoun from where you live? Where is the courthouse your students go to, or do they go to different courthouses depending on where they are from? Are court hearings open to the public or closed to the public for juveniles? Do their families come to court when they go to court? Just some things I was wondering about. Some of them you may know, some not. Have your students been charged/locked-up before? Are there any who are locked up for the first time? Well, just a few questions from somebody who has always been interested in "juvenile court."

  2. Lisa,
    Let me first echo your dad and say, "this is a great blog!" I have been enjoying all of your posting and photos, especially since I have been to most of the places about which you have written. I've only spent a few days in Cape Town, so it's been great to get to know it better through you.
    We (David, Emily, Joey and I) just returned from visiting Sarah in Buenos Aires -- another great city in the southern hemisphere!! It never ceases to amaze me how much you confident, independent, smart young women can accomplish on your own.
    Did you get to church anywhere today? Having been to many church services in Africa, I can only imagine how much joy there must have been in the singing today. Happy Easter.
    Keep writing and I'll keep reading!
    Aunt Carrie