Thursday, February 18, 2010

big house and cottage

It's about time I post some pictures of where I live: 6 Chapel Road in Rosebank, Cape Town. It's on University of Cape Town's Lower Campus, and our houses are on the same site as the CIEE Community Engagement Office, where Angela and Ronel work.

The big house. Ten people live here, nine service-learners and our RA, Thandi. Unfortunately, we don't have access to the balcony. Apparently one year a girl climbed on the roof from the balcony and it was a big safety issue, so now they keep it locked.

The cottage, where I live, with six other service-learners. The window on the far right bottom floor is the window to my bedroom.

This picture gives a little better idea of how close together the big house and cottage are, and what our little courtyard area looks like.

My favorite spot to relax - on the cottage porch. Erin was smart enough to bring this hammock from home.

I would include a picture of my room, but I'm too embarrassed by the mess. I'll upload pictures of my room and the house interior another day, when it's cleaner!

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  1. I can't believe your room is messy :) It looks BEAUTIFUL there!
    ps - like my picture? I'm not sure why it shows up here and not on your followers list!